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When I met Emily and her mom Jenny, I knew right away that they were passionate about what they do. I felt an instant connection when they listened to me gush about the hopes and dreams of my wedding day and knew immediately what I was picturing, and then some! Not only did Poppy Design understand what I envisioned, they went even further with my ideas, in all the most best and beautiful ways! We started off with the basics of flowers, and then furthered into decoration, and beautiful ideas of what made my special day, the MOST special day with each detail. Jenny and Emily took my colors, and went into every element of the most elaborate headpiece, signs, vases, and many more romantic embellishments. When I walked down the aisle, and was announced at the reception, Poppy Design took my breath away and made our wedding so magical and dreamy. Emily and her mother have so much personality and charisma that I was truly to have worked with them. I still soak up every little bit of it, and was so blessed by the mother-daughter dynamic duo.    

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